Mars artwork will take center stage at Morecambe Winter Gardens

Measuring seven meters in diameter, visitors will be immersed in space with this thought-provoking planet as it revolves at the center of one of Morecambe’s most significant landmarks, the Winter Gardens.

The artwork captures the planet in forensic detail using NASA Martian surface imagery.

At an approximate 1:1 million scale, each centimeter of the interior-lit spherical replica represents 10 kilometers of Mars’ surface – with every valley, crater, volcano and mountain laid bare for viewers to explore.

Art installation by Luke Jerram on Mars. Photo by Luke Jerram.

The installation is an amalgamation of Mars imagery, light and surround sound composition created by BAFTA award-winning composer and Ivor Novello Dan Jones, resulting in an unforgettable and mesmerizing experience for the whole family.

Morecambe City Council has organized a series of events for visitors throughout the three weeks, including musical performances which will take place under the work itself, a lecture on the planet Mars by Professor Jim Wild of the Lancaster University and Artist Days where visitors will have an opportunity to paint the installation, and more. There will also be a photography competition and activities for children when visiting the exhibition.

Visitors will be able to view this breathtaking sculpture between November 10 and 28, 2022.

Luke Jerram, the artist who created the Mars masterpiece, said: “Mars follows my other traveling astronomical artworks, Museum of the Moon and Gaia, and allows for a close encounter with the planet. martian. I hope visitors will feel transported to its inhospitable wasteland and, in comparison, truly appreciate our life on Earth.

Art installation by Luke Jerram on Mars. Photo by Luke Jerram.

“The artwork will be particularly impressive against the backdrop of the magnificent architecture of the Morecambe Winter Gardens. I hope it will be a truly unique experience

for the local community.

Morecambe City Council chief executive Luke Trevaskis said: “Luke Jerram’s work has been praised and acclaimed everywhere it has been seen and it is really exciting to bring Mars to Morecambe.

“The artwork is designed to encourage visitors to explore and contemplate our understanding of the planets around us and the environmental impact we have on the natural world.

“I look forward to seeing the Winter Gardens transformed in the coming weeks, allowing visitors to experience this magnificent building in a very different way.

“We also organized an exciting program of events to complement the artwork and enhance everyone’s experience.”

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Chair of the Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservations Trust, said: “Morecambe Winter Gardens are honored and proud to have been chosen by Morecambe City Council to host Luke Jerram’s March.

“To have this incredible creation in the year of our 125th anniversary as a building is very special.

“Congratulations to Morecambe City Council for taking the initiative to bring such world-class events to our resort for both locals and visitors alike, and for also allowing us to showcase the beauty and splendor of Morecambe’s Winter Gardens.”

Tickets to see the exhibition cost £3, children under 10 are only £1 and children under 3 are free.

Visitors can reserve tickets to view the artwork for one-hour slots through TicketSource, and separate tickets will be available for certain events.

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